Senior Information Workbook

Our Free Senior Information Workbook will help you keep all of your loved one’s important information in one place. Quickly access their health care, insurance and financial information whenever you need it.

Senior Information Workbook
Conveniently store important information

Senior Information Workbook

Personal Information

Quickly reference personal information about your loved one so that you can easily access it whenver you need it the most.

Insurance Information

Access your loved one's Medicare, VA Benefits, Medicaid, Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement information when needed.

Legal Information

The Senior Information Workbook will help you easily save your loved one's DNR and power of attorney information.

Health Care Information

Easily find your loved one's list of medications, medical history and health care preferences with the workbook.

Senior Information Workbook

Quickly access important information when you need it the most.

Senior Information Workbook FAQ's

The Senior Information Workbook helps you store all of the important information in one single place. This allows you to quickly find the information that is needed whenever it’s needed the most.

The Senior Information Workbook includes questions about your loved one’s personal, legal and health care information.

It’s designed so that you can print it out or use our fillable forms feature to store it locally.

Our online platform is easy to use and is available from anywhere with an internet connection. You can access the content as many times as you would like for free!

If you have more questions, please contact us here.

What's included?

The Senior Information Workbook was created so that you can quickly access information whenever you need it the most. The questions asked include personal, legal, health care and financial information that will help you make senior care decisions faster.

How long can I access it?

The Senior Information Workbook is yours to access for as long you need it. Sign into GreySteps and download the most recent version of the workbook.

How do I access the workbook?

Our platform is very easy to access. Simply go to and follow the instructions.

How can I use it?

The Senior Information Workbook is easily downloadable to your computer, laptop or another one of your devices. You are able to print it out so that you can have a copy to write on or use our fillable forms feature and save the information locally.

Is it really free?

Yes, this is a free tool provided by GreySteps for you to use. Our hope is that we can provide some assistance whether you purchase something from us or not.

Do I get the latest updates?

Yes. Whenever we update the Senior Information Workbook then you can access the latest version by logging into your account. There is no additional cost to get the latest copy of the workbook