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If you’re here, you are most likely looking for the best senior care solutions. You’ve come to the right place because GreySteps is there to help you with this process. After learning how to find the best senior care, we created GreySteps to make things less confusing for others. We took what we learned and developed senior care guides and coaching services to support caregivers with their journey.

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Learn how to get the best options for your loved ones.

Senior Care Guides

The senior care guides have our questions, checklists and resources to help you find the best senior care options.

Senior Care Coaching

Senior care coaching is available if you would like additional support with your senior care guides.

This guide helped me find the right home health agency. It was very helpful because I did not know where to start.

How Does It Work?

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GreySteps FAQ's

best senior care options for loved ones

GreySteps is where caregivers learn how to find the best senior care options for their loved ones.

Our comprehensive senior care guides provide insights, questions, checklists and resources that are designed for certain types of senior care.

Senior care coaches are also available to help you find the best senior care solutions that work best for your situation.

Additionally, our senior care guides are tailored toward a specific type of care, such as home health services, independent living communities, skilled nursing facilities and more.

How do I access the guides?

GreySteps provides digital and printed senior care guides that delivered to you from popular retailers such as Amazon.

How much does it cost?

The costs vary based on which type of service that you choose. For instance, our coaching services that are longer in duration will cost more than shorter terms.

What do I need?

To connect with our coaches, you will only need a device that has access to the internet along with additional information about your sitution.

What types of senior care coaching programs are there?

We currently offer three different types of senior care coaching programs. These include senior living coaching, home-based care coaching and acute care coaching. The coaching program is based on time and you can purchase an extension later if needed.

What types of senior care guides are there?

Find the best senior care with our guides. These digital and printed guides include The Home Health Guide, The Independent Living Guide, The Hospital Guide and more. 

Are there automatic renewals?

No, this is not a subscription. Our senior care coaching services will not automatically renew without your permission. 

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds on our coaching services but our guides may be refunded based on the terms of the retailer. Please contact us so we can provide additional assistance.

When can I start?

It’s recommended that you start with our senior care guides right away so that our coaches can start supporting you sooner.

Do I need to get senior care coaching services?

Most people will greatly benefit from our senior care guides without needing additional coaching services. We provide senior care coaching for those who need additional support to find the best care for their loved one. If you are not sure then please contact us for assistance.

I have another question that was not answered in your FAQ's.

No problem, we look forward to hearing from you. The best way to get your questions answered is by contacting us here. We will reply to you as soon as possible.