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Assisted living community benefits

Most people hear the term assisted living community and immediately think of nursing homes. While most residents that live in an assisted living community will need help with their activities of daily living, some may require less or more support. A modern assisted living community will typically adjust to the needs of the resident until they need a higher level of care such as a skilled nursing facility.

What is an assisted living community?

An assisted living community is a vibrant group of seniors who are still able to manage their own lives, but who need a little bit of assistance from time to time. It is an excellent option for anyone who is looking for a safe and social environment that provides plenty of opportunities for interaction with others. Some of the best communities offer spacious apartments where each resident can maintain his or her privacy and independence, along with the opportunity to join other residents for events and activities when desired.

What services are offered in an assisted living community?

The services in an assisted living community can vary, but in general, there will be services for activities of daily living and socializing. Activities of daily living include: eating, preparing meals, grocery shopping, housekeeping, medication management, and helping with daily activities like bathing and eating.

The benefits of living in an assisted living community

A top-notch assisted living community will provide a safe and secure environment for seniors. You can be free to enjoy your time and stay as healthy as possible while you age. You’ll also be able to continue to live in your home and take advantage of the things that make your home special. The benefits of an assisted living community include:

Socialization opportunities

Community is at the heart of an assisted living community, which offers residents a wide range of opportunities for socializing and interacting with others. Many seniors who move into assisted living facilities are amazed to find how much more engaged they become.

Safety and security

 It’s comforting to know that someone is always on hand at an assisted living community in case help is needed—whether it’s in the middle of the night or during a late-morning walk around the neighborhood. Well-appointed common areas offer plenty of room for everyone to relax, including quiet spots where you can read, watch TV or enjoy a cup of coffee with friends. And because it’s all indoors, inclement weather is never an issue.

Flexible care options

The amount and type of care your loved one receives can be customized to meet his or her needs as they change over time. Depending on the assisted living community, the care options may be all-inclusive or a-la-carte.

Personalized care

Residents can choose from different levels of care based on their changing needs —and increase their level if needed —so you don’t have to worry about having enough assistance available when it counts most. Whether it’s getting up and ready in the morning or taking medication—a little extra help around the house makes all the difference when it comes to quality of life. This is one of the many benefits of an assisted living community.

More free time

When you live somewhere else you are responsible for every aspect of your home from cleaning toilets and mowing grass to making sure you have enough light bulbs, soap, and toilet paper! You’re constantly running out only to add that errand onto an already packed schedule! In an assisted living community, these stresses are taken away so that you can focus on what really matters like spending time with family, learning a new skill, or just relaxing after a long day!

How to choose an assisted living community

Choosing an assisted living community for you or your loved one can be an overwhelming process. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure the assisted living community is close to family or friends who will be visiting. It may seem like a minor detail, but having someone near to come to visit and spend time with the resident will improve their quality of life and well-being.
  • Ask if the staff has experience caring for people with your conditions and needs. For example, if you have a parent who has dementia, they should ideally be placed in a community that has trained staff members who are accustomed to helping residents with this condition.
  • Read reviews of the community online and check any ratings they have received from outside organizations. This is another area where looking into communities that specialize in caring for residents with your type of needs will pay off; organizations that rate assisted living communities to tend to break down their categories by this standard as well, so you can see how these communities perform at a glance without having to sift through excessive amounts of data first.
  • Visit the assisted living community in person before committing to it. The best way to figure out if you’ll enjoy being there is by seeing it yourself, spending time in each room as well as outside, talking with any staff members present at the time (if possible), and asking questions about anything you don’t understand or want more information about during your visit. Since making this decision will likely affect you (or your loved one) for quite some time going forward, it’s important not to rush through any part of it and make sure everything feels right before committing–and visiting the facility beforehand ensures that nothing is left out when putting together an accurate picture of what it will be like once moved there permanently.

How much does it cost?

Costs can vary widely by location and level of care required for each assisted living community. Most assisted living communities offer bundled services as part of their monthly fee, but additional expenses may accrue if the resident requires extra help. On average, however, living in an assisted living community costs less than hiring in-home help.

Who should live in an assisted living community?

An assisted living community is a good option for anyone who is experiencing declining health, including those with medical issues, disabilities, or chronic conditions. 


Choosing the right assisted living community can be difficult. Understanding what you are looking for and how to find a great community is key to finding the right fit. There are a variety of assisted living communities to meet almost any senior’s needs. 

Knowing what you are looking for, and what to expect from a community will help you find the right fit.  The right assisted living community is important for many reasons. Choosing the wrong community can lead to many challenges. Choosing the right community can help you live a comfortable and healthy life as you age.

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